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Fujitsu Automation Starts Marketing Humanoid Robot

 Fujitsu Automation
Tokyo, July 6, 2005 (JCN) - Fujitsu Automation announced on July 5 that the company, in collaboration with Fujitsu Laboratories, has developed HOAP-3, a humanoid robot which can process and interpret sounds and visual images.

Measuring 60cm in height and 8.8kg in weight, HOARP-3 has various sensors to enable high-level kinetic expressions.

The robot is powered by an Intel Pentium M Processor 1.1GHz and also has IEEE802.11g wireless LAN capability to support computer-enabled control.

Fujitsu Automation plans to ship 100 units over the next three years, targeting researchers in robotics and communication studies.

By Aki Tsukioka Contributor

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