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Suzumo Unveils 2000 Wrapped Pieces per Hour Sushi Robot

Tokyo, Oct 12, 2005 (JCN) - Suzumo Machinery Co., Ltd. announced on October 12 that it would release SGP-SNA, the miniature robot capable of making 2000 wrapped sushi in an hour at the most. It will be release from the end of October this year.

Its retail price is 3.2 million yen, and the optional printing device is 900,000 yen.

SGP-SNA adopts the special film, which generates negative ion, to wrap sushi. The film is easy to remove when eating.

With the printing function integrated into the microbot, it is able to automatically print out the date of manufacturing and the company logo on the wrapping film.

SGP-SNA will be exhibited at Japan Pack 2005 and Food System Solution. Both are held at Tokyo Big Sight.

By Darrel Whitten Staff Writer

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