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Panasonic Releases High-Quality 'Noise Killer' SD Audio Player

Tokyo, Aug 26, 2006 (JCN) - Matsushita Electric brand Panasonic has announced the world's first noise killer SD audio player. The 'D-snap' is designed to drastically cut surrounding noise with a 'noise killer' function that enables the user to listen to high quality sound with a minimal volume level.

The Audio player uses SD memory card slot instead of the HDD resulting in a compact, light and stable sound. Users can download CD music onto the SD memory card without using PC.

The SD memory card comes with various memory sizes and users can categorize musical genres or artist names. A docking design makes for faster charge and longer recording.

D-snap comes in 2 versions, the SV-SD800N and SV-SD400V. The player will be available from September 9, while the price is open.

More in Japanese at http://d-snap.jp.

By Chris Lui Staff Writer

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