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Sapporo Breweries and Sapporo Beverages Show Sapporo Drinks Alleviate Hay Fever Symptoms

Tokyo, Sept 11, 2006 (JCN) - Sapporo Breweries Ltd., and Sapporo Beverages Co., Ltd. have proven that Sapporo beer is effective in mitigating hay fever symptoms. Hop flavonol glycoside extracted from the beer prevents histamine, an allergy-inducing substance.

Sapporo Group conducted a clinical trial of 20 patients with hay fever symptoms and found that 60% them noted less sneezing and 55% noted less runny nose with significant improvements on their symptom-medication scores.

Sapporo has filed a patent application based on the effect of beer on hay fever symptoms. Going forward, the Group will explore the affect of beer on atopy and allergy symptoms related to house dust.

By Aki Tsukioka Contributor

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