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Shimadzu Develops HMD for Wearable PC - Video Report

Tokyo, July 16, 2007 (JCN) - Shimadzu has developed DataGlass, a small monocular lens head mounted display for a wearable PC.

The product is designed to give the user access to information and reference anytime anywhere by carrying a PC anywhere anytime.

The DataGlass lets the user check his PC anytime. Both dust- and water-proof, the DataGlass can be taken outside and can withstand rain coming in from all directions and even under harsh conditions such as a dusty construction site.

The lens is available for either left or right eye wear and can be worn with regular glasses.

When connected to a PC via analog RGB in the SVGA mode, the DataGlass allows the user to see a 10-inch-wide monitor screen 60cm in front of him. In the VGA mode, the monitor is around 8 inches wide.

The DataGlass weighs only 120grams and is powered via the USB port, so it can be used in various situations.

Watch the Video at http://movie.diginfo.tv/2007/07/02/07-0081.php

By Diginfo TV Video Reporter

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