Pioneer Introduces New External DVD/CD Writer
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Pioneer Introduces New External DVD/CD Writer - JCN Newswire
Pioneer Introduces New External DVD/CD Writer

Tokyo, Apr 19, 2004 - (JCN Newswire) - Pioneer Corporation (TSE: 6773) announced today that a new external DVD/CD writer will be available in early May, 2004 at an open price in Japan. The DVR-S706-J is an external high-speed rewritable drive in a sleek design, capable of recording at up to 8x write speed with DVD+/-R discs and at up to 4x with DVD+/-RW discs with substantially low operation noise. The new external drive can sit vertically or horizontally and plugs into standard IEEE1394 and USB2.0 ports. The monthly production is expected to be 2,000 units.

The DVR-S706-J is stylish, easy to install and use, and offers fast write speeds and high quality recording with low operation noise. Recently, PCs and peripheral devices that smoothly process a large volume of data such as video materials have been rapidly penetrating into the Japanese market. In addition, many PC users have more opportunities that they enjoy music or video materials on their PCs. The new DVD/CD writer meets such requirements from our customers - high-quality recording, high write speeds, and quiet operation.

The Pioneer DVR-S706-J employs Pioneer-developed eminent technologies to increase the recording quality and reliability in high-speed recording, which is so popular in the previous models: e.g. Liquid Crystal Tilt Compensator, Smart Laser Driver, Ultra Dynamic Resonance Absorber, Distributed Defect Real Management System (with the use of SAI's WriteDVD! software, supplied with the unit), and Precision Recording Technology.

Main features
(1) High-speed recording of 8x on DVD+/-R and 4x on DVD+/-RW discs*1
The DVR-S706-J enables high-speed recording of up to 8x write speed with DVD-R and +R and up to 4x with DVD-RW and +RW discs. In particular, in the case of 8x speed on DVD-R and +R discs, the new drive has realized the industry's top class high-speed recording because of the improved recording speed on the inner tracks. It also records at 24x speed*2 with CD-R and CD-RW discs.
*1 In December 2003, the DVD Forum approved the standards of 8x write speed for DVD-R (DVD-R for the General Version 2.0/8x-speed DVD-R Revision 3.0) and 4x write speed for DVD-RW discs (DVD-RW Version 1.2/4x-2x speed DVD-RW Revision 2.0). For DVD-R 8x speed recording, please use Pioneer-recommended 8x speed discs. For DVD-R 4x speed recording, please use either 4x speed discs or Pioneer-recommended 8x speed discs. For DVD+R/DVD+RW high-speed recording, please use high-speed discs.
*2 Please use high-speed discs.

(2) Playback Compatibility in all DVD formats
The new writer also supports DVD-RAM playback*3 to improve the playback compatibility in DVD formats.
*3 Only DVD-RAM Version 2.0 and 2.1 without cartridge supported.

(3) High-speed recording and low noise operation
The new writer has drastically reduced operating noise during the high speed rotation by employing the UltraDRA and reviewing the internal structure for quiet operation. Plus, the "Performance Adjusting Firmware" *4 automatically controls the disc's rotation speed to keep operation noise at the minimum in the write and read modes.
By installing the "Performance Adjusting Utility", application software bundled with the writer, the users can manually select the disc rotation mode from the three modes to change the read speed.
*4 In addition to automatic switching of the rotation speed by the Performance Adjusting Firmware, the Performance Adjusting Utility enables users to manually change the disc rotation modes: the quiet mode (factory mode) to start reading at the low rotation, the performance mode to start reading at the high rotation, and the standard mode not to automatically change the disc rotation.

(4) Various original technologies to improve quality and reliability in recording
By employing the "Liquid Crystal Tilt Compensator", "Smart Laser Driver technology", and the "Ultra Dynamic Resonance Absorber" - Pioneer-developed eminent technologies, the new writer realizes high-quality recording and low operation noise even at high write speeds. In addition, a buffer underrun protection function prevents the transfer errors that occasionally occur in the DVD+/-R, DVD+/-RW, CD-R, and CD-RW write modes.

(5) Precision Recording Technology
Pioneer's Precision Recording Technology employs the sequence to realize the optimum recording, which has been obtained through the study of various DVD-RW discs on over-write characteristics. As a result, the recording performance (quality) for repeatedly used DVD-RW discs is improved by up to 10 times *5 than previous writers.
Furthermore, by supporting the Distributed Defect Real Management System (DRT-DM) *6 in combination with the bundled writing software*7, the new writer further increases the DVD-RW recording reliability.
*5 Compared with Pioneer's existing products (the DVR-A05-J and before). There might be differences in DVD-RW recording property depending on the disc used and the operating environment.
*6 This is a technology that, while maintaining playback compatibility, realizes stable recording on DVD-RW discs without diminishing recording speed, regardless of dirt, scratches, etc. on the disc.
*7 Software that supports the Distributed Defect Real Management System (SAI's Write DVD! supplied with the writer) is necessary.

(6) Other outstanding features
- Supporting the USB2.0 and IEEE1394 ports realizes high-speed processing of a large volume of data.
- Sophisticated, stylish design - a silver body with black vessel.
- The writer can sit horizontally and vertically when the stand is used.
- CD-ROM containing a variety of application software, and "DVD Handbook" supplied with the drive.

Bundled Software for the DVR-S706-J

1) DVD MovieWriter Advance SE (by Ulead Systems)
MovieWriter Advance SE is personal authoring software that enables users to make their own DVDs in a simple and enjoyable way. Users can compile their own full-fledged DVD titles using the simple controls and varied templates.
Main features:
- The VR import function to easily edit VR-format data recorded disc on their PCs.
- Dolby Digital (AC-3) audio recording
- The slideshow function to view still images on a DVD player.

2) VideoStudio 7 SE (by Ulead Systems)
VideoStudio 7 SE video-editing software features a variety of editing tools that offer speed and ease of use.
Main features:
- A variety of editing functions such as transition effect.
- The real-time rendering preview to reduce the editing time.

3) RecordNow (by Sonic Solutions)
RecordNow is DVD/CD-writing software aimed at a wide range of users, from beginners to PC experts.
Main features:
- Two recording modes available.
- A variety of data recording functions such as "quick format" and "multiborder."

4) Write DVD! (by SAI)
WriteDVD! is packet writing software that supports the popular "quick format" and offers an easy, floppy disk-style writing operation with its drag-and-drop function.
Main features:
- Supporting the Distributed Defect Real Management System (DRT-DM) to handle DVD-RW media.

5) Simple Backup (by Sonic Solutions)
Simple Backup software simplifies irritating backup tasks, making it easy to back up important data, including system data.

6) WinDVD 5 (by Intervideo)
DVD-Video playback software. It also plays DVD discs recorded in the VR mode.

7) Performance Adjusting Utility
This software allows the users to manually select the disc rotation mode from three modes (Quite, Performance, and Standard) to change the read speed (disc rotation).

About Pioneer

Pioneer Corporation is a leading global manufacturer of consumer and business-use electronics products such as audio, video and car electronics. Its shares are traded on the Tokyo Stock Exchange (TSE: 6773). For more information , please visit .


Public Relations
Pioneer Corporation, Tokyo, Japan
Phone: +81-3-3495-9885

Apr 19, 2004
Source: Pioneer

Pioneer (TSE: 6773) (U.S: PNCOF)

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