Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Cruise Ship "Sapphire Princess" To Be Delivered to Princess Cruises
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Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Cruise Ship
Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Cruise Ship "Sapphire Princess" To Be Delivered to Princess Cruises

Tokyo, May 26, 2004 - (JCN Newswire) - Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd. (TSE: 7011; "MHI") will deliver a large cruise ship for Princess Cruises (CEO: Mr. Peter Ratcliffe) at its Nagasaki Shipyard & Machinery Works. The delivery ceremony of the "Sapphire Princess" will be held on May 27th in Nagasaki, Japan. Mr. Peter Ratcliffe, CEO of Princess Cruises; Mr. Kazuo Tsukuda; President of MHI, and Mr. Kazunori Ohta, Managing Director and General Manager of Shipbuilding & Ocean Development Headquarters of MHI, will attend the ceremony.
The delivery of the "Sapphire Princess," following the sister ship "Diamond Princess" delivered in February this year, marks the completion of the project to build two largest cruise ships ever built in Japan, which was achieved by integrating the cream of the yard's shipbuilding technology.

The 116,000 GT (gross ton), 290 meter-long, Sapphire Princess has a height of 54.0 meters above water surface, almost equal to that of a 18-story building. The vessel is designed to satisfy the diversified needs of its passengers with numerous features, including an abundance of luxurious public areas, such as dining restaurants, a theater, dance lounge, casino and tennis courts, and seven swimming pools. To accommodate guests of 1,339 cabins, the vessel has various facilities equal to luxurious hotels. The vessel is also engineered to provide the ultimate comfort required in a cruise ship. Its multiple power-generation system combines an aero-engine-derivative gas turbine and a low-emission diesel engine, together enabling a high-output electric-power propulsion system while achieving low noise and vibration.

The Sapphire Princess also integrates today's most advanced technologies addressing environmental demands. The vessel is equipped with a sophisticated system for processing large amounts of diverse wastes on-board, rather than disposing of them in the ocean. The system encompasses a sewage treatment unit incorporating next-generation biotechnology, as well as advanced flue-gas purification equipment.

MHI received an order for two cruise ships for Princess Cruises in February 2000. Construction began first with the Diamond Princess, followed by the Sapphire Princess. The delivery of the first ship was rescheduled by a fire accident in October 2002. By having agreement with Princess Cruises to build the second ship first as "Diamond Princess," MHI and its employees have made their greatest efforts to achieve revised completion schedule and to accomplish unprecedented project to build two large cruise ships simultaneously.
Major Specifications of Sapphire Princess Gross Tonnage: approximately 116,000 GT Total Length: 290.0 meters Breadth (maximum): 41.5 meters Height (above water surface): 54.0 meters Total number of passenger cabins: 1,339 (about 3,078 passengers)

About Mitsubishi Heavy Industries

Since its foundation in 1884, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (MHI) has sought pioneering new monodzukuri (manufacturing) techniques, building the foundations for the development of the entire industry. Today, with environmental and energy issues to the fore, MHI provides people around the world with eco-friendly products, and contributes to society through its involvement in global infrastructure projects and other business activities. For more information, please visit the MHI website at


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May 26, 2004
Source: Mitsubishi Heavy Industries

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (TSE: 7011) (U.S: MHVYF)

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