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Sharp Develops 2-Megapixel CCD Camera Module for Full-Fledged Digital Camera Functionality in Mobile Phones

 Sharp Corporation
Tokyo, Sept 17, 2004 (JCN) - Sharp Corporation (TSE: 6753) has developed a new 2-megapixel CCD camera module featuring a 2X optical inner zoom lens. Intended for use in high-end camera-equipped mobile phones, the new LZ0P3738 will be available in quantity beginning in October 2004.

Cameras designed to be embedded in mobile phones have been moving toward ever higher pixel counts beyond the megapixel range in response to user demands for greater functionality and higher image quality on a par with ordinary digital cameras. At the same time, there are demands for more compact and thinner camera modules to provide this greater functionality and higher image quality without altering the form factor of mobile phone handsets.

Sharp is already marketing the LZ0P3731 2-Megapixel CCD Camera Module with auto-focus function, but to provide even greater functionality, Sharp has successfully equipped this new module with an optical zoom lens that is switchable between normal and 2X zoom. In addition, the use of an inner zoom type in which the lens section does not protrude from the module body achieves a compact module size that can be incorporated into folding “clamshell” style mobile phone handset designs.

By Andrew Wilcox Staff Writer

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