Itochu Acquires 20% Share in PT Marunda Grahamineral - MGM Coking Coal Project
January 25, 2015     Japanese 
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Itochu Acquires 20% Share in PT Marunda Grahamineral - MGM Coking Coal Project - JCN Newswire
Itochu Acquires 20% Share in PT Marunda Grahamineral - MGM Coking Coal Project

Tokyo, Sept 25, 2001 - (JCN Newswire) - PT Marunda Grahamineral (MGM) is the coal concession holder of Coal Contract of Work, generation II, which is located in the Regency of North Barito, Central Kalimantan. Having completed exploration in 1999 since 1994, MGM has actually found approximate 40 million MT of open-out minable reserve with the excellent quality (low ash, low sulphur, high fluidity and high CV) for the coke blending in steel mill usage.

Itochu Corporation, one of biggest trading houses in Japan specialised in marketing both thermal and coking coal, has entered into agreements recently with MGM to acquire 20% of share in MGM through its subsidiary company Itochu Coal Resources Australia. Itochu will turn obtain the exclusive sales agency for the Japanese market.

MGM is in the process of converting the company status from Indonesian Domestic investment company (PMDN) into foreign investment company (PMA). The MGM coking project has obtained the Construction Permit and suitable fund to put up the necessary infrastructure for the mine. MGM is planning to start commercial production of Semi-Soft Coking coal from 2003 with production of 1 million MT gradually increasing to 2 million MT annually. At least 50% annual production will be sold to Japan through Itochu Corporation.


ITOCHU Corporation is one of Japan's leading trading companies and is engaged in a wide variety of businesses, including textiles, machinery, aerospace, information technology, multimedia, metals, energy, chemicals, forest products, food, retail, financial services and so forth. Itochu maintains over 130 offices around the world and owns over 640 subsidiaries and affiliates. Itochu aims to build new profit-making strategies and adding new functions in order to become more global, and to foster businesses in new fields. For more information, please visit

Sept 25, 2001
Source: ITOCHU

ITOCHU (TSE: 8001)

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