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 Mitsubishi Corporation

Mitsubishi Corporation (TSE: 8058) is Japan's largest general trading company (sogo shosha) with over 200 bases of operations in approximately 80 countries worldwide. Together with its over 500 group companies, Mitsubishi Corporation employs a multinational workforce approximately 55,000 people. The Group has long been engaged in business with customers around the world in virtually every industry, including energy, metals, machinery, chemicals, food and general merchandise. Mitsubishi Corporation's commitment to social responsibility is embodied in its corporate philosophy and demonstrated through its extensive programme of cultural, environmental and educational projects worldwide. 

Company Headquarters 2-3-1, Marunouchi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 100-8086 JAPAN  
Company Telephone +81-3210-2121 
Company Stock Code - TSE
 CompanyStock Price - TSE   
Company Stock Code - FTSE MBC 
Company President Yorihiko Kojima 
Company CEO Yorihiko Kojima 
Company Sector Advertising 
Company Industries Chemicals; Energy; Industrial; Mining & Metals; Telecommunications; Textiles & Apparel
Company Established 1950 
Company Listed 1954 
Company Homepage www.mitsubishicorp.com
Company Annual Report
Company CSR Report

Headline News for Mitsubishi Corporation  

Mitsubishi to Build Coal Fired Power Plant in the Philippines (Feb 3, 2014)


Press Releases for Mitsubishi Corporation  

Fukushima Sewing Company Receives Support from Mitsubishi Corporation Disaster Relief Foundation (Apr 11, 2014)

Mitsubishi Corporation Enters Container Terminal Business in Valencia, Spain (Apr 7, 2014)

Mitsubishi Corporation Relief Foundation Supports Hydroponic Farming Initiative in Eastern Sendai (Mar 4, 2014)

Mitsubishi Corporation Establishes Coffee Business Joint Venture with Colombia's Grupo Nutresa in Malaysia (Feb 18, 2014)

Bosch, GS Yuasa, and Mitsubishi Corporation to Double Capacity for Electric Vehicle Battery (Feb 12, 2014)

Mitsubishi Corporation Constructs Coal Fired Power Plant in Mindanao, Philippines (Jan 31, 2014)

Japanese Partners to Use Joint Crediting Mechanism to Further Energy Savings and Air Quality in Vietnamese Hospitals (Jan 27, 2014)

Mitsubishi Corporation and UBS Launch a UK Real Estate Debt Fund (Jan 7, 2014)

Mitsubishi Corporation Constructs Coal Fired Power Plant in Vietnam (Dec 24, 2013)

Entering the Chinese Seafood Market: Mitsubishi Corporation Establishes Joint Venture to Process and Supply Seafood in China (Dec 24, 2013)

Mitsubishi Corporation Invests in Yetagun Gas Field Project in Myanmar (Dec 17, 2013)

FUNABASHI MORINO CITY Wins World Smart Cities Award (Dec 13, 2013)

Update Regarding Mitsubishi Motors Initiatives in Myanmar (Dec 12, 2013)

Mitsubishi Corporation Disaster Relief Foundation Supports Elderly Care Establishment in Fukushima (Dec 10, 2013)

Mitsubishi Corporation Disaster Relief Foundation Supports Post-Disaster Expansion of Kesennuma Retailer (Nov 28, 2013)

Statement Regarding Media Reports Published on November 23, 2013 (Nov 25, 2013)

Mitsubishi Corporation Disaster Relief Foundation Supports Construction of New Fish Processing Plant in Ofunato, Iwate (Nov 25, 2013)

Mitsubishi Corporation Disaster Relief Foundation Supports Recovery of Soy Sauce Maker in Northeastern Japan (Nov 22, 2013)

Mitsubishi Corporation and Sinopharm Group Establish Medical Supplies Joint Venture in Shanghai (Nov 14, 2013)

Dainichiseika Color & Chemicals and Mitsubishi Corporation Establish Plastic Compound Manufacturing and Sales Joint Venture in Mexico (Nov 11, 2013)

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