1.Fujitsu Initiates "Learning Project of Tomorrow" for an Era in Which Every Student Has a Tablet  
2.Sony Commercializes the World's Highest Sensitivity CMOS Image Sensor for Automotive Cameras  
3.Germany Wins Grand Prize for Panasonic Kid Witness News Global Contest 2014  
4.NEC C&C Foundation Awards 2014 C&C Prize  
5.DOCOMO to Introduce "Jspeak" Translation App for Travelers to Japan  
6.Doshisha Business School Launches New MBA Program  
7.Hitachi and Veolia Win Contract to build Pretreatment Facilities for Large-scale Water Desalination Plant in Basrah, Iraq  
8.Honda Earns Perfect Climate Disclosure Score of 100 Points in CDP Global 500 Climate Change Report 2014  
9.Aquarius MAS with Marine Solar Power Installed on Blue Star Delos  
10.Mitsubishi Corporation Establishes Aircraft Leasing Joint Venture with Cheung Kong