EIZO Introduces FlexScan SX2761W and FlexScan SX2461W Wide Gamut LCD Monitors
January 26, 2015     Japanese 
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EIZO Introduces FlexScan SX2761W and FlexScan SX2461W Wide Gamut LCD Monitors - JCN Newswire
EIZO Introduces FlexScan SX2761W and FlexScan SX2461W Wide Gamut LCD Monitors

 EIZO Introduces FlexScan SX2761W and FlexScan SX2461W Wide Gamut LCD Monitors
Hakusan, Nov 30, 2007 - (JCN Newswire) - Eizo Nanao Corporation (TSE: 6737) today introduced two wide color gamut, LCD monitors, the 27" FlexScan SX2761W and 24" FlexScan SX2461W. These large screen monitors come with an abundance of shared performance and color control features that make them ideal for web and product design, CAD, publishing, and digital photography.

With a native resolution of 1920 x 1200 (16:10 aspect ratio), both monitors offer abundant horizontal space for application windows and tool palettes. They can also both display images in "Full HD" or 1920 x 1080 resolution that is standard for Blu-Ray and HD DVD formats. The maximum brightness is 320 cd/m2 for the FlexScan SX2761W and 300 cd/m2 for the FlexScan SX2461W. The contrast ratio for both models is 850:1, and horizontal and vertical viewing angles are 178 degrees. A 6 ms midtone response time minimizes blurring and ghosting for smooth playback of moving images. Dual DVI-I inputs are included for connecting to two PCs with digital or analog graphics boards, and both inputs supports high bandwidth digital content protection (HDCP) for viewing of content from HDCP-equipped devices. A USB 2.0 hub with one upstream and two downstream ports is also included.

The wide gamut LCD panels reproduce 96% and 95% of the Adobe RGB color space for the SX2761W and SX2461W respectively, allowing them to display most colors of a photograph taken in a digital camera's Adobe RGB mode. An sRGB mode is also included so that images meant for display in this narrower but widely used color space such as those used on most web pages will be shown as intended.

The FlexScan SX2761W and SX2461W come equipped with EIZO's latest ASIC (application specific integrated circuit). The ASIC has a 12-bit look-up table with a total color palette of 68 billion colors from which the most appropriate 16.7 million are selected. It also has 16-bit internal processing results in smooth display of grayscale tones to bring out details especially in dark areas of an image. Furthermore, the ASIC includes a Digital Uniformity Equalizer (DUE) function that corrects the brightness and chroma uniformity errors characteristic of LCD panels.

A staple on most of EIZO's FlexScan monitors is a BrightRegulator function which reads the ambient light and adjusts the screen's brightness accordingly. The FlexScan SX2761W and FlexScan SX2461W are equipped with a new version of BrightRegulator which uses two user-determined reference points for adjustment instead of one. This allows the monitors to more accurately achieve the ideal brightness in both brightly and dimly lit rooms.

Both monitors can simulate two types of red-green color vision deficiency -protanopia and deuteranopia. This allows designers to check how their colors schemes appear to people with color blindness and ensure they meet "Color Universal Design" principles. All simulation is done in real time for both still and moving images, making it a faster and easier to use than software-based tools. Toggling between normal viewing mode and color vision deficiency simulation modes is done with the bundled UniColor Pro software. (Supported by Windows Vista/XP/2000 and Macintosh OS 10.3.9 to 10.4.)

Five imaging modes - Text, Picture, Movie, Custom, and sRGB are included. With the bundled ScreenManager(R) Pro for LCD utility software1 any mode can be assigned to an application so that when the application is opened, the screen automatically changes to its assigned mode.

For digital photo enthusiasts, a special "EIZO Edition" of the popular digital photo editing software Zoner Photo Studio 9 is bundled. This software takes the user through the whole process of managing and editing digital photos, and includes color management features to achieve true colors on screen and on paper. (Supported by Windows Vista/XP/2000/ME/98.)

Additional Features
- Adjustable stand with 118 mm height adjustment (82 mm for SX2461W) and 40 degrees tilt, 70 degrees swivel, and 90 degrees rotation for portrait mode .
- OSD menu includes adjustment of brightness, gamma, saturation, hue, gain, and color temperature, and six color (RGBCMY) adjustment.
- Five-year warranty[2].

Both models are now shipping. For information about availability and pricing please contact the EIZO subsidiary or distributor in your country for details.

[1] ScreenManager Pro for LCD can only be used with the Microsoft(R) Windows(R) 2000, XP, and Vista operating systems and requires a USB connection between the monitor and the PC.
[2] The usage time is limited to 30,000 hours or less, and the warranty period of the LCD panel and backlight is limited to three years from the date of purchase
* All product names are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective companies. EIZO and FlexScan are registered trademarks of Eizo Nanao Corporation.

About Eizo Nanao Corporation

Eizo Nanao Corporation is a leading global manufacturer of high-end visual display products with a wide range of LCD monitor systems. The image quality, long-term reliability, and innovative features of EIZO monitors make them the products of choice in many financial trading rooms, hospitals, back offices, and design studios. EIZO is based in Japan and represented in more than fifty countries by a network of exclusive distributors. For more information, please visit www.eizo.com.


Eizo Nanao Corporation
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Nov 30, 2007
Source: Eizo Nanao Corporation

Eizo Nanao Corporation (TSE: 6737)

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