EIZO Introduces Its First Product for Air Traffic Control - Raptor SQ2801 2K x 2K LCD Monitor
January 29, 2015     Japanese 
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EIZO Introduces Its First Product for Air Traffic Control - Raptor SQ2801 2K x 2K LCD Monitor - JCN Newswire
EIZO Introduces Its First Product for Air Traffic Control - Raptor SQ2801 2K x 2K LCD Monitor

Hakusan, Mar 4, 2008 - (JCN Newswire) - Eizo Nanao Corporation (TSE: 6737) today announced the Raptor SQ2801, a 2K x 2K LCD monitor for air traffic control (ATC). The Raptor SQ2801 is the first product EIZO has released for ATC since acquiring Tech Source, Inc., a specialist manufacturer of graphics boards and other products for the ATC market in March 2007.

The Raptor SQ2801 has a 2K x 2K (2048 x 2048) native resolution and 28.1" screen size. Brightness is 225 cd/m2 and viewing angles are 170 degrees both horizontally and vertically. A high contrast ratio of 1000:1 makes it easier to distinguish easily between similarly colored figures in large spreads of data, which helps reduce the possibility of error. A fast 25 ms response time ensures that moving images such as weather patterns, tracks, and rubber-banding will be displayed clearly and without image delay.

The monitor comes equipped with an analog BNC x 5 and two DVI-D (dual link) connectors so it can work seamlessly in any technical environment. The triple-interface architecture offers the ability to implement redundancy plans, which are essential in mission critical areas such as air traffic control should a PC system ever falter. Analog support also allows the monitor to serve as a drop-in replacement for the Sony DDM CRT.

The Raptor SQ2801 is available in three versions for different installation requirements: chassis, panel-mount, and desktop. Chassis and panel-mount versions are designed to fit into existing consoles with rear- and front-side mounting respectively, and the desktop version is ideal where desktop functionality is preferred.

An integrated automatic backlight stabilizer allows the controller to set the backlight brightness to a value between 30 and 150 cd/m2 and ensures backlight brightness remains constant. When the backlight trays inevitably need replacing due to aging, they can be easily swapped out on site, saving considerable expense and downtime.

An abundance of on-screen display functions simplify adjusting the screen as well as providing extensive color control. A quick OSD menu allows for adjusting frequently used functions like brightness and contrast. Other adjustments offered in the more detailed OSD menu include gamma, color temperature, sharpness, image position, and backlight controller.

Resolutions from 640 x 480 up to the monitor's native 2048 x 2048 are supported. Any non-native resolution can be displayed in its actual size, scaled proportionately, or expanded to fill the screen. This is helpful when using the monitor's single link input or receiving other non-native resolutions as is typically necessary for setup. It also means a smaller auxiliary monitor is not necessary to view boot data or failure data.

The Raptor SQ2801 consumes just 150 watts of power in normal operation and 15 watts in standby mode, thereby keeping heat output low. Too much heat from a monitor can negatively effect performance and even lead to failure. Most monitors for air traffic controllers are located inside an enclosed console and therefore reduction of heat output is crucial to the reliability of all hardware inside the console. The Raptor SQ2801's low power consumption not only improves product reliability and performance, but also lessens the power requirements for air conditioners in the control center to further save on electricity costs.

The Raptor SQ2801 is backed by a two year manufacturer's warranty and the backlight is covered by a 50,000 hour warranty.

Optional High-Performance Graphics Boards

To drive the Raptor SQ2801, EIZO offers the Raptor 4000 (PCI) and Raptor 4000e (PCI-Express) graphics boards from Tech Source the leading manufacturer of graphics boards for air traffic control. The Raptor 4000 and 4000e offer the industry's most complete array of driver support including Solaris, Linux, Tru64, HP-UX, and AIX. They come with 256 MB of on-board memory and support layering by using several methods including MOX (multiple overlay extension).


The Raptor SQ2801 is now shipping. Availability varies by country so please contact the EIZO subsidiary or distributor in your country for details.

EIZO is a registered trademark, and Raptor is a trademark of Eizo Nanao Corporation.

About Eizo Nanao Corporation

Eizo Nanao Corporation is a leading global manufacturer of high-end visual display products with a wide range of LCD monitor systems. The image quality, long-term reliability, and innovative features of EIZO monitors make them the products of choice in many financial trading rooms, hospitals, back offices, and design studios. EIZO is based in Japan and represented in more than fifty countries by a network of exclusive distributors. For more information, please visit www.eizo.com.


Eizo Nanao Corporation
Hakusan, Japan
Phone: +81 76 277-6792
Fax: +81 76 277-6793

Mar 4, 2008
Source: Eizo Nanao Corporation

Eizo Nanao Corporation (TSE: 6737)

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