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Cutting-edge Nitto Denko Biomedical R&D Wins Government Support

Tokyo, Dec 1, 2008 (JCN) - An R&D project on a epoch-making Molecular Targeting Drug Delivery (MTD) system being pursued jointly by Japan's leading diversified materials manufacturer Nitto Denko and a team led by one of the world's leading medical researchers, Professor Yoshiro Niitsu of Sapporo Medical University, has been selected to receive Japanese government-sponsored assistance, both financial and otherwise, for Fiscal Year 2008 ending March 2009, Nitto Denko announced today.

Extending over a two-to-three-year period with grants of up to ca. 300 million yen (3 million US dollars) per year, the financial grant under the assistance program is expected to boost the acceleration of the MTD research project, Nitto Denko said.

The assistance for the joint R&D will be forthcoming under New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (NEDO)'s "Translational Research Promotion (TRP) Project" designed to bridge the basic research and clinical research stages. NEDO is Japan's semi-governmental administrative agency responsible for boosting the competitiveness of Japan's industrial technology by identifying core technology seeds of the future and promoting technology R&D at various stages of development by coordinating and focusing the total strength of the country's governmental, industrial and academic communities. Programs under NEDO's auspices extend to a broad range of industries, from energy & environment to electronics, biotechnology, aerospace, fuel cells, etc.

NEDO's TRP project system aims to realize a swift practical application and popularization of medical technologies commensurate with the progress of the science involved, and focuses on the four fields, Drug discovery, Diagnostic technology, Regenerative and Cell medicine, and Therapy equipment.

For FY08, application for TRP assistance was sought in the fields of Drug discovery and Diagnostic technology, and as a result of rigorous deliberation, eight projects including the Nitto Denko/Prof. Niitsu project were chosen out of a total of 88 applications. Taking the opportunity of this latest development.

By Saroj Shrestha Staff Writer

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