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Teijin Fibers to Launch RFID Smart Shelf-management System

Tokyo, Dec 5, 2011 (JCN) - Teijin Fibers Ltd will start full-scale sales of a digital smart shelf-management system incorporating CELL FORM, its two-dimensional data-communication sheet, UHF radio frequency identification (RFID) reader and compatible tags, on December 19.

CELL FORM enables a secure connection to read the RFID identification tag via electromagnetic waves on an ultra-thin, flat smart sheet that is placed on top of shelves. The system uses the UHF band because of its superior characteristics for long-range signal detection between the sheet and the RFID tags. This ensures stable communication over both short and long read ranges. CELL FORM employs an entirely new technology that confines electromagnetic waves to a cell within and around the smart sheet. The communication technology, called @CELL, was developed by Cellcross Co. Ltd, a spin-off venture company of the University of Tokyo. Teijin Fibers, an equity partner in the company, contributes specialized materials and manufacturing know-how for product development initiatives.

Teijin's shelf-management system comprises up to eight antenna-equipped CELL FORM smart sheets, a read/write module supplied by Convergence Systems Limited (CSL), software, and 400 RFID IC tags. The system is already used in a university library and an educational resource information center in Japan.

Teijin Fibers is now developing a global market for the system together with CSL.

By Chris Lui Staff Writer

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