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DNP Forms Capital and Business Alliance with All About

Tokyo, Dec 29, 2011 (JCN) - Dai Nippon Printing Co. Ltd (DNP) will form a capital and business alliance with All About Inc., a general information website containing problem-solving articles written by experts (guides) to address a variety of consumer needs.

DNP leverages P&I Solutions based on printing and information technologies to provide a broad range of client companies with a variety of marketing assistance and deliver various services that use a cloud computing environment supported by DNP's independently owned data centers. Moreover, as unique consumer businesses, DNP offers a wide array of media services, including the "honto" e-book sales service, "Orikomio!" online advertising flyer service, "DreamPages" original photobook service, and "Elne" Internet point service.

Sweeping changes in the corporate marketing environment, including the rapid spread of smartphones and tablet devices and the emergence of social media, have made it necessary for marketing strategies to include the provision of popular consumer information. Amid these changes in the business environment, DNP believes that a capital and business alliance with All About, which has expertise in creating popular consumer information, will contribute to enhancing DNP's enterprise value by enabling synergies from the mutual delivery of the marketing services of both companies and the development of the consumer media services of both companies.

DNP will acquire in off-market negotiated transactions a portion of the stock in All About that is owned by Recruit Co. Ltd, the parent company of All About, and by Yahoo Japan Corp. (Yahoo Japan), a major shareholder in All About. DNP will acquire 23,084 shares from Recruit and 19,976 shares from Yahoo Japan, for a total of 43,060 shares. DNP will then own 32.07% of All About's shares outstanding.

DNP and All About will pursue discussions about a comprehensive alliance to achieve the mutual provision of the marketing services of both companies and the development of the consumer media services of both companies as noted above by effectively using their mutual business expertise and customer bases to maximize business synergies for both corporate groups.

By Chris Lui Staff Writer

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