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Suzuki Foundation Announces Latest Scientific Research Funding

Tokyo, Feb 20, 2012 (JCN) - The Suzuki Foundation has selected 31 scientific research initiatives to receive fiscal-2011 financial assistance worth a total of 39.14 million yen. The foundation also announced financial support for academic research, bringing its overall fiscal-2011 disbursements to 47.9 million yen.

The Foundation will support 30 original, advanced scientific research projects on seven fields that are in progress: production-related technologies; environmental and energy-saving technologies; measurement-, control-, and analysis-related technologies; material-related technologies; electronics- and information-related technologies; human engineering and medical technologies; and robot-related technologies. The foundation's financial assistance for these 30 projects totals 29.89 million yen.

The Foundation also selects contemporary problems that it believes need to be resolved. For this, it invites proposals for research projects targeted at addressing these problems, and selects the most outstanding proposals for funding. It funds each selected project for two years, and has already selected 13 projects in the past nine years.

For fiscal 2011, the Foundation will fund one proposed project entitled "Basic Research for Development of Novel Electrode Materials for Lithium-Air Battery by Aggregation Control of Nanoparticles", which is aimed at the development of new electrode material from Lime-Alumina Compound for lithium-air batteries. The Foundation will allot a total of 9.25 million yen for this project and for the second year of funding for two projects that it selected last year.

The Suzuki Foundation also conducts a wide range of other activities, such as promoting awareness of research results and further development of research projects by funding symposiums, subsidizing transportation and accommodation for Japanese researchers attending overseas academic meetings, subsidizing programs in Japan for researchers from Budapest University of Technology and Economics, and publishing a foundation newsletter. The foundation's fiscal-2011 support for such activities totals 8.76 million million.

By Saroj Shrestha Staff Writer

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