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Kaneka to Establish Umbrella Hubs in Asia and the Americas

Osaka, Mar 12, 2012 (JCN) - Kaneka Corp. will establish in April this year Kaneka Asia Co. Ltd, an Asia regional umbrella hub based in Shanghai, China, and Kaneka Americas Holding Inc., an America regional umbrella hub based in Texas, USA, to accelerate its business development in Asia and the Americas.

The regional umbrella hubs will perform deliberation and proposal of management strategies, control of budgets and profits and losses, supervision of overall manufacturing and technologies including support for the establishment of new plants, R&D and market research, human resources and labor, and legal affairs and intellectual property strategies. These functions will be strengthened and expanded to overseeing business promotion within the respective regions.

Kaneka Asia will open in China and administer wholly owned subsidiaries of Kaneka in the Asia region. Kaneka has entered the Chinese market with its individual business units in the past, but to aim for further expansion in the future is required to develop business with the company in its entirety. It assigns to the new umbrella hub the role of promoting business expansion in Asia, which includes the supervision and promotion of not only existing business domains but also those that cross multiple businesses and new businesses, and operational support for group companies in governance structure reinforcement and legal affairs.

Kaneka Americas will build a centralized local structure for overseeing Kaneka's business in the Americas, with the aims of maximizing growth opportunities in the United States,expanding in the Latin American markets, and making effective use of management resources. With its establishment, Kaneka will reorganize its six subsidiaries in the United States into three: Kaneka Americas Holding Inc. (the Americas regional umbrella hub) and the two operating companies of Kaneka North America LLC, which will take over the businesses of Kaneka Texas Corp. and Kaneka Nutrients L.P., and Kaneka Pharma America LLC.

By Saroj Shrestha Staff Writer

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