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DENSO to Acquire I-Net's 3D Business Unit

Kariya, Japan, Mar 23, 2012 (JCN) - DENSO Corp. will acquire I-Net Corp.'s 3D Business Unit, which provides software and services based on its technologies to create and analyze 3D images. Upon completion of the acquisition on April 1, 2012, the business unit will become a subsidiary of DENSO and begin operation as 3D Corporation.

The 3D Business Unit has succeeded in developing 3D image-based simulation technologies, as well as software for haptic devices. These technologies and expertise will be used in DENSO's developments of various products, including human machine interface area.

I-Net's 3D Business Unit has diverse customers ranging from automobile to medical and amusement industries. 3D Corp. will continue to offer cutting-edge software and services in these industries.

DENSO will acquire 21 employees with the acquisition.

By Saroj Shrestha Staff Writer

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