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Teijin's MSABP System Used for Sewage Treatment Plant in China

Tokyo, Mar 23, 2012 (JCN) - Teijin Limited announced that its Multi-Stage Activated Biological Process (MSABP) system, a core offering of the company's wastewater treatment business, has been adopted for multiple new sewage treatment plants in the Hunnan New District of Shenyang city, China.

Shenyang had initially planned to construct a centralized sewage treatment plant in Hunnan New District, which will host the National Games of the People's Republic of China scheduled in 2013. In view of the enormous cost and lack of time to complete construction before the games, however, the city decided to scrap that plan in favor of Teijin's MSABP system for decentralized treatment via multiple, shipping container-size plants.

MSABP saves costs by minimizing or fully eliminating the need for sludge disposal equipment. It also enables management of decentralized sewage treatment plants via remote monitoring, which will lower Shenyang's labor costs for operation and control. Since the decentralized system will shorten the construction time and minimize sewer network maintenance work, installation is expected to be completed well before the National Games.

In the future, when the system is eventually replaced with a larger centralized system to accommodate the area's anticipated population growth, it will be possible to relocate the decentralized MSABP plants to other areas of the city.

Chengdu Union Environtech Co., Ltd., an affiliate of Itochu (China) Holding Co., Ltd., has signed a contract with Shenyang for engineering, procurement, construction and project supervision.

Teijin's MSABP system utilizes special biological carriers packed with high concentrations of microorganisms in multistage aeration tanks. The microorganisms vary from tank to tank to form a food chain that decomposes even highly concentrated and persistent effluent.

The system significantly suppresses the generation of excess sludge, thereby eliminating the need for sludge disposal, resulting in a low-energy, low-maintenance, cost-effective solution. A joint pilot project between Teijin and Japan Sewage Works Agency verified that MSABP can reduce the generation of excess, including disposed, sludge by 78% compared to the oxidation ditch process used commonly in small and midsized plants.

MSABP has strong prospects for use in emerging countries such as China and other Asian countries where water conservation and reusable industrial wastewater are gaining critical importance as these nations develop. Teijin's system is being used in Japan, China and Angola for industrial wastewater treatment and is being field tested for sewage treatment in the rural community of Yixing in Jiangsu Province, China.

MSABP is a registered trademark of Aquarius Technologies Inc.

By Akiko Shirai Staff Writer

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