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Toppan and Kyoto U Develop Tungsten-based Radiation Shielding Functional Paper

Tokyo, June 28, 2012 (JCN) - Toppan Printing has developed a tungsten-based functional paper that blocks radiation by incorporating tungsten in paper in high density. Sample shipments will begin from mid-June 2012.

It is widely known that tungsten has the function of blockingradiation such as X-rays and gamma rays. By infusing this product with tungsten in high density, it has been possible to achieve an improvement in processability while maintaining the features of tungsten itself.

Performance evaluations for thisproduct have been conducted with the cooperation of leading figures in the field of radiology Professor Masahiro Hiraoka and Associate Professor Hajime Monzen from the Graduate School of Medicine of Kyoto University. The results demonstrated that thetungsten-based paper has radiation shielding properties comparable to those of conventional lead sheet.

In addition to sample shipments of the product for various applications such as use in medicine and as a building material for areas affectedby the nuclear disaster that followed the Great East Japan Earthquake, Toppan Printing will examine new applications and uses through combination with the Toppan Group's decor material and industrial material-related technologies.

By Saroj Shrestha Staff Writer

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