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AGC to Provide Sensor Modules with World's Smallest Micro-vibration Power Generator

Tokyo, July 12, 2012 (JCN) - AGC announced that a sensor module equipped with one of the world's smallest micro-vibration power generators will be available for purchase from August 2012. The sensor module was developed by AGC and three other companies, based on collaborative basic research with the University of Tokyo.

Sensors are used in various fields ranging from home appliances and transport equipment to infrastructure such as roads and buildings. However, installation locations and applications of sensors are limited due to the need for wiring to supply electric power, battery replacement and other maintenance issues.

AGC and the three other companies jointly worked on the marketing and technological/product development of a small-sized power generator (micro-vibration power generator), which converts small vibrations into electrical energy.

Due to its abilities to efficiently transform tiny vibrations into electrical energy and stably supply the power generated, this power generator is drawing attention as a power supply that requires no power supply wiring or maintenance.

Asahi Glass supplies the electret materials (insulators that semi-permanently maintains a positive or negative charge) for the micro-vibration power generator; OMRON Corporation producces the micro-vibration power generator; Konishiyasu Co., Ltd. supplies the vibration power generator-sensor module, and THHINK Wireless Technologies JAPAN LTD. developed the vibration power generator-sensor module.

One of the key materials of the micro-vibration power generator is CYTOP(TM), an amorphous fluorine resin developed and manufactured by AGC, has excellent workability for its thin-film coating, which greatly helps to create smaller and lighter-weight generators.

CYTOP increased the electricity output of the micro-vibration power generator tenfold or more compared to conventional materials, and is fully capable of supplying power to acceleration sensors and other devices.

By Saroj Shrestha Staff Writer

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