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Fujifilm Establishes Phillipine Subsidiary, Reinforcing Business in ASEAN Region

Tokyo, Sept 22, 2012 (JCN) - FUJIFILM Corporation has established FUJIFILM Philippines Inc. in the Republic of the Philippines in a drive to accelerate the business expansion in the country. The new company will start operations on September 20.

The Philippines, one of the 6 main ASEAN countries along with Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam registered a steady economic growth of 5% per annum over the last 5 years. The country has prospecst of becoming a market with continuous growth due to the expansion of the workforce and middle-income group.

Fujifilm has built a business foundation for imaging products, such as digital cameras and photographic papers, medical products, such as diagnostic imaging devices and X-ray films, and graphic products, such as off-set printing plates, through the local distributors.

With the establishment of a local subsidiary, Fujifilm will build a direct selling system for swiftly deploying market-oriented sales and marketing activities, and dynamically facilitate the development of the sales strategy for the Philippines. Fujifilm will also reinforce technical support to improve customer satisfaction.

With the establishment of FUJIFILM Philippines Inc., Fujifilm build a direct selling system in all of the 6 main ASEAN countries, and reinforcing the business foundation in the fast-growing Southeast Asian region.

Fujifilm will also develop a strong marketing / sales / service network, to promote the "swift delivery of solution that meets diversifying market needs" in its contribution to the development of industries and cultures in each country.

By Chris Lui Staff Writer

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