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Hitachi High-Tech Opens Metrology and Inspection Center inside Dainippon Screen

Tokyo, Dec 7, 2012 (JCN) - Hitachi High-Technologies Corporation has opened the Hitachi High-Tech Metrology and Inspection Center Hikone (MIC Hikone) inside the Process Technology Center of Dainippon Screen's Hikone Plant in Shiga Prefecture.

Hitachi High-Tech's demonstrations and operational training for customers had taken place at the Global Application Center Process Evaluation Laboratory (GAC), located near the Naka Division in Ibaraki Prefecture, Hitachi High-Tech's key design and development base.

A portion of the demonstration and operational training functions formerly at GAC will now be transferred to the newly established MIC Hikone. The center was designed to meet customer's semiconductor manufacturing equipment needs, as well as to develop new technologies and applications for the industry.

Dainippon Screen is seeking to create added value in the development of next-generation equipment technology and applications, as well as boost development speed, by realizing synergies through partnerships between its own surface treatment systems in the fields of cleaning and lithography, and Hitachi High-Tech's semiconductor metrology and inspection equipment.

By Kozue Tanaka Staff Writer

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