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Nitto Denko Launches New Encapsulation Sheet for LED

Tokyo, Feb 15, 2013 (JCN) - Nitto Denko Corporation has developed a new thermosetting thermal resistant encapsulation sheet for LED which can contribute to a dramatic improvement of LED devices in terms of quality, reliability and productivity by replacing the conventional liquid-type encapsulation materials.

This innovation was a part of the company's joint development efforts with IDEC Corporation, a leading manufacturer of automation and control products in Japan. A creative fusion of Nitto Denko's new encapsulation sheet and IDEC's longtime-nurtured production engineering expertise led to the development of a revolutionary LED component.

Generally speaking, silicone-based encapsulation materials for LED are only available in a liquid form. Building on its proprietary technologies, Nitto Denko succeeded in turning its liquid thermosetting encapsulation resin into a gel-like sheet by utilizing a special silicone resin as a base.

The sheet does not cause any damage to LED bonding wires when laminated onto LED devices, because of its gel-like, semi-hard property. The sheet's relatively small shrinking rate upon the completion of the thermosetting process also contributes to enhanced reliability.

The sheet made it possible to encapsulate a large area at once and the whole encapsulation process is now greatly simplified because there is no need for setting up a "dam" to keep the liquid material in place. Compared to the conventional "potting" method with liquid encapsulation materials adopted at IDEC, the new sheet-encapsulation process requires only about one-ninth of the previously required time for completion.

In the conventional method with liquid encapsulation materials, it took a certain period of time until the liquid was completely set solid, so that the phosphor material inside the liquid sedimentate to the bottom in the process and they caused variation of a finished LED's color. Nitto Denko's new encapsulation sheet eliminates such concerns.

In addition to lessened color variation by half (compared to IDEC's conventional method), the skipping of blending and mixing steps contributed to the productivity enhancement.

With the now simplified production process, only one-tenth of the initial capital investment is needed compared to the conventional production line. (Internal trial calculation)

In the optical device domain typified by LED, Nitto Denko offers a range of products such as transparent encapsulation materials. Against the background of increasing demand for reducing environmental load, the LED devices market is now rapidly growing.

Nitto Denko will strive to succeed in this bullish market on a global basis by taking advantage of this newly-developed thermosetting thermal resistant encapsulation sheet for LED.

By Jun Ota Staff Writer

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