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Dainippon Screen to Market High-end Visual Inspection System for PCBs

Tokyo, May 28, 2013 (JCN) - Dainippon Screen Mfg. will market its FP-9000, a high-end automatic final visual inspection system that inspects PCB for visual and functional defects before assembly, from October 2013.

This system meets the high inspection requirements for the manufacturing processes of the PCB used in smartphones, tablet PCs and in-vehicle systems and further improves inspection speed and defect detection capabilities.

Demand has expanded rapidly for the PCB mounted in smartphones and tablet PCs as they become progressively smaller and more multi-functional. It has also grown for the PCBs in hybrid and electric vehicles, which are fitted with a large number of electric parts, as they become more mainstream.

In addition, particularly from a safety perspective, there is an urgent need to improve the reliability of inspections for in-vehicle PCBs, which are mainly subject to visual inspection. As a result, each PCB manufacturer requires the creation of an inspection system that both improves productivity and is more dependable.

Screen has developed the FP-9000 as a high-end model of its automatic final visual inspection systems for PCBs. This system inherits various features of the existing FP-8200, including its high inspection quality and ability to flexibly handle a range of PCB.

Thanks to its redesigned transfer mechanism, the FP-9000 also delivers high throughput of up to 15,000 boards per day. In addition, this model offers a color digital interpolation function capable of displaying high-resolution inspection images with smooth gradients as well as a four channel imaging sensor that can enhance the contrast of dark areas on PCBs.

The four channel imaging sensor is included in a PCB inspection system for the first time in the world and together these two functions significantly improve the detection capabilities for defects in detailed and dark areas, which were previously difficult to inspect.

With the launch of the FP-9000, Screen is targeting the acquisition of a larger share of the market for PCB visual inspectors, which is expected to expand extremely rapidly.

By Jun Ota Staff Writer

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