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Dainippon Sumitomo Pharma Establishes Anti-Cancer Drugs Sales Company in the U.S.

Tokyo, Oct 10, 2013 (JCN) - Dainippon Sumitomo Pharma Co., Ltd. (DSP) announced that it has decided to establish an anti-cancer drugs sales company in the United States as a wholly-owned subsidiary of DSP's 100% owned U.S. holding company.

DSP is conducting a Phase III global clinical study of the anti-cancer drug BBI608 that was created by its U.S. subsidiary Boston Biomedical, Inc. ("BBI"). In this connection, DSP has considered various options for the eventual sales scheme and the organizational structure in preparation for successful conclusion of the BBI608 development.

The sales and marketing activity of anti-cancer drugs requires extraordinary professional expertise, and accordingly DSP is setting up a sales scheme and organizational structure exclusively dedicated to anti-cancer drugs by establishing a new company independent from our existing U.S. subsidiaries.

The new sales subsidiary will be established so that necessary preparations for BBI608 launch can be made in line with the progress of its development. Upon establishment, the new company will start making preparations in anticipation of eventual market launch of BBI608.

The development of BBI608 is underway, with a target launch date in fiscal 2015. BBI608 is an orally-administered first-in-class anti-cancer drug created and currently under development by Boston Biomedical Inc. and was shown to inhibit the Stat3 pathways, Nanog pathways and beta-catenin pathways in pre-clinical study.

BBI608 is a small-molecule compound with a novel mechanism that blocks cancer stem cell (cancer cell with stem cell-like properties) self-renewal and induces cell death in CSC as well as other heterogeneous cancer cells.

By targeting cancer stem cells in addition to heterogeneous cancer cells, efficacy is expected in the current challenges in therapy against cancer, such as treatment resistance, metastasis and recurrence.

By Jun Ota Staff Writer

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