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Teijin DuPont Films Develops World-class Flame-retardant Film

Tokyo, Apr 8, 2014 (JCN) - Teijin DuPont Films Japan Limited, a global joint venture partnership for polyester films between Teijin Limited and E.I. du Pont de Nemours and Co has developed a PET (polyethylene terephthalate) film, Teijin Tetoron UF (UF Grade), offering world-class flame retardance with a UL rating of VTM-0.

In addition to VTM-0 flame retardance, UF Grade film also offers the characteristic heat resistance, chemical resistance and strength of PET film thanks to Teijin's proprietary flame-retardant filler. Halogenated flame retardants are not used, so UF Grade film’s impact on the environment and human health is minimized. In addition, compared with typical flame retardant films such as polyimide, the new film reduces cost by a factor of up to 10.

Teijin is now developing applications that require UF Grade film's high flame retardance, including insulating materials and labels for electronic products, such as office equipment, PCs and lighting, and substrates for flexible displays.
Targeting markets in Asia, Europe and the Americas, the goal is to achieve revenue of 5.0 billion yen in the fiscal year ending in March 2017.

UF Grade-related technologies are being considered for use in other Teijin products and technologies, for example, to develop flame-retardant PEN (polyethylene napthalate) film by applying advanced flame-retardant technologies.

High flame retardance has become a requirement for insulation and structural parts used in LED lighting and electronic products. UF Grade also has high reflectance performance which will help to increase brightness of LED lighting.

Conventional films such as polyimide offer extremely high flame retardance at the VTM-0 level, but they are very costly. Although PET films are highly resistant to heat and chemicals, and cost competitive, their flame retardance is typically on the VTM-2 level. Consequently, until now PET films have been used only in a limited range of electronics requiring flame retardance, such as mobile devices.

Although it has been possible to produce PET films with flame retardance above the VTM-2 level, these films require the use of halogenated flame-retardant additives and flame-retardant coatings, leading to higher costs and increased environmental burdens.

By Chris Lui Staff Writer

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