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NTN Starts Demonstration Project of Microcompact Mobility Equipped with In-wheel Motor

Tokyo, Oct 4, 2013 (JCN) - NTN Corporation (NTN) delivered a two-seater EV (microcompact mobility) equipped with the in-wheel motor developed by NTN to Ise City, Mie Prefecture. The vehicle will be the first to acquire registration of microcompact mobility in Japan and will be used to embark on a public road demonstration project.

This initiative comes as NTN participates as a local company in the "Okagesama Action! For residents and visitors" action plan aimed at developing a low carbon society in Ise City.

NTN will provide microcompact mobilities equipped with the in-wheel motor system to suit plans by Ise City to create a community where EV and other modes of transport can be used to coincide with Shikinen Sengu festivals celebrating the transfer of deities to new shrines constructed at Ise Jingu shrine once every 20 years.

A total of five microcompact mobilities will be delivered and used as official Ise City vehicles for one year, and will also be used by council members of the Ise Chamber of Commerce and Ise City Tourist Association, as well as on model tourist courses.

The vehicles being delivered can seat one adult each in the front and rear (or two children in the rear), and are microcompact mobilities that offer excellent access for use in urban and tourist areas. Powered by proprietary developed in-wheel motor systems installed in the rear two wheels, the layout means no engine, transmission or related components are required, which gives the vehicles greater handling due to their compact size, a more spacious interior, and great convenience when traveling to tourist attractions or historic sites located down narrow streets.

The microcompact mobility equipped with NTN's in-wheel motor system underwent repeated development and testing since its maiden voyage in Shizuoka Prefecture in April last year, and acquired a light vehicle registration number*3 in Shizuoka Prefecture in August this year before starting the demonstration project. A similar public road demonstration project is also underway overseas in France.

NTN has utilized the technology it has gained through research and development into bearings, as well as maximized the strength of the world's No. 1 share in hub bearings to advance development of various system products for next-generation vehicles.

By Jun Ota Staff Writer

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