Fujitsu Expands Lineup of Akisai Food and Agriculture Cloud Services
April 17, 2014     Japanese 
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Fujitsu Expands Lineup of Akisai Food and Agriculture Cloud Services - JCN Newswire
Fujitsu Expands Lineup of Akisai Food and Agriculture Cloud Services
Big data put to use for cultivation scheduling, adding four services

Tokyo, Dec 24, 2013 - (JCN Newswire) - Fujitsu today announced that it is expanding and enhancing its lineup of services for its FUJITSU Intelligent Society Solution Akisai Food and Agriculture Cloud, with sales of the new services to be rolled out from January 2014. The following four types of services will be added:

A service that uses big data to optimize the cultivation schedules according to each type of product, region, and brand. This service will contribute to stable production volumes and higher product quality, a capability that would normally depend on the expert judgment of farmers.

Agriculture Production Management SaaS Light, an entry-level service for small-scale farms based on daily production records input into smartphones and analyzed to improve farm management.

Agricultural Production, Processing, and Sales SaaS, which manages everything from procurement and processing to sales.

Agriculture Accounting SaaS powered by GLOVIA smart Kirara. Based on Fujitsu's widely used accounting system, the service features account headings used in agriculture, and enables sophisticated business management.

In addition to further promoting, through the use of ICT, more efficient and stable agricultural production, these additions and enhancements enable the delivery of a full lineup of services to support everything from operational management, production and processing to sales. While listening to the front-line needs of agricultural producers, Fujitsu will continue to expand and enhance its services, thereby utilizing ICT to ensure plentiful food supplies in the future.

Since announcing its Akisai cloud in July 2012, Fujitsu has put together a collection of services for open-air farming, greenhouse cultivation, and animal husbandry, leveraging data to drive improvements in agricultural management. While expanding the scope of ICT usage to small-scale farms, the new additions and enhancements announced today aim to leverage data to optimize cultivation schedules according to each agricultural product, region, and brand for use by agricultural producers, local governments, distributors, processors, and wholesalers. By enhancing its lineup of Akisai cloud services and packaging them with services for accounting systems, Fujitsu will continue its contributions to raising profitability and efficiency of enterprise-style agricultural management.

Overview of Services

1. Support for optimizing cultivation schedules for each type of product, region, and brand

By bringing together different types of data - environmental data such heat and humidity, and data on plant growth and quality - required for cultivation of the desired agricultural product, an optimal cultivation schedule is derived for each type of product, region, and brand. By creating individualized cultivation schedules for producers, local governments, distributors, processors, and wholesalers in accordance with the objectives of stable production, higher quality, and brand development, this service can support unprecedented breakthroughs in agricultural production.

(1) Features and characteristics offered

Support for the development of cultivation schedules:
The service develops cultivation schedules based on existing records and protocols for each item and task. It features growth surveys and comparisons, as well as harvest forecasting based on previous cultivation schedule plans and experience to fine-tune for improved cultivation schedules. It also shares cultivation schedules among agricultural producers and processors or distributors to gain agricultural techniques and raise work quality.

Surveys and comparisons of growth characteristics

By aggregating growth survey data input by surveyors and comparing with other regions or growing periods, producers can get a good grasp of the growing conditions of their fields, leading to improved agricultural management and follow up actions.

Growth and yield forecasts

Based on temperature and other basic data such as planting dates, and types of plants, this service provides forecasts of harvest times and harvest yields. Processors and distributors will be able to have a better understanding of when deliveries can be expected based on initial plans developed with these forecasts.

2. Agricultural Production Management SaaS Light

This entry-level service is based on the Agricultural Production Management SaaS solution and is intended for small-scale family farms. This service dramatically enhances agricultural management through the analysis of aggregate costs, work performance and other inputted data. Using smartphones, producers need only input the bare minimum required for production (daily work journals/logs, pesticide spray counts, timeframes of pest outbreaks from the previous year, etc.). It employs an input interface that is easy to understand even for users who are not acquainted with using ICT, and, given its affordable price it can be quickly deployed by even small-scale family farms.

3. Agricultural Production, Processing, and Sales SaaS

This solution provides total support for agriculture companies or food manufacturers who source agricultural products from producers and then sell them fresh or as processed products. By having a real-time grasp of the inventory status, from receipt to shipping, the solution enables optimal sales management. In addition, the solution can share detailed account receivable/account payable information with accounting systems such as Agriculture Accounting SaaS powered by GLOVIA smart Kirara.

4. Agriculture Accounting SaaS powered by GLOVIA smart Kirara

This solution is intended for agriculture companies that are looking to perform advanced business management through features that support quarterly earnings reporting and diversified businesses other than agriculture, among other features. In addition to the functionality available in Business Management SaaS, the new solution is based on the know-how of Fujitsu's accounting operations application GLOVIA smart Kirara Accounting. With an established track record, this feature delivers accounting services that come with standard support for account classifications employed in agriculture (fertilizer expenses, heavy machinery expenses, fuel expenses, etc.).

About Fujitsu Limited

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Dec 24, 2013
Source: Fujitsu Limited

Fujitsu Limited (TSE: 6702) (U.S: FJTSY)

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