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Toppan Printing Develops GL Film Using Mechanically Recycled PET Film

Tokyo, June 2, 2014 (JCN) - Toppan Printing Co., Ltd. has developed a version of its transparent high-barrier film, GL Film, that uses mechanically recycled PET film. It is expected to be used in products that require barrier packaging, such as food and pharmaceutical goods.

This new packaging uses mechanically recycled PET film as the base material for GL Film, Toppan Printing's proprietary transparent high-barrier film. While the film uses recycled materials, the application of Toppan Printing's vapor deposition and coating technologies enables the same performance as conventional films derived from petrochemical products to be maintained.

Due to the use of mechanically recycled PET film, the volume of CO2 released during processes up to and including GL Film manufacture is reduced by approximately 17% compared with films produced using non-recycled PET.

This is the world's first transparent high-barrier film to use mechanically recycled PET film. Sample shipments are scheduled to begin in June 2014, with mass production targeted for autumn of this year.

By Jun Ota Staff Writer

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