Rikuzentakada Gets New Restaurant - "Bishoku Pasta Tsubaki no Mori"
February 1, 2015     Japanese 
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Rikuzentakada Gets New Restaurant -
Rikuzentakada Gets New Restaurant - "Bishoku Pasta Tsubaki no Mori"
Restaurant to prioritize the use of local produce and promote Rikuzentakada brands nationally

Tokyo, July 17, 2014 - (JCN Newswire) - Iwate restaurateur Camellian Products Services, Ltd will open a new restaurant in Rikuzentakada, Iwate Prefecture today July 17, 2014. The opening of the restaurant, Bishoku Pasta Tsubaki no Mori, is being made possible through a contribution of 30 million yen in loan funds from the Mitsubishi Corporation Disaster Relief Foundation (MCDRF). These funds complement support already being provided by The Bank of Iwate, a local financial institution.

Bishoku Pasta Tsubaki no Mori was started by a native of Rikuzentakada as a means of helping to restore employment opportunities lost by the city after the 2011 disaster. The first in a chain of these restaurants was opened on June 1 in Ichinoseki, another city in Iwate Prefecture. Opening its second restaurant in Rikuzentakada, which was badly hit by the disaster, signals the commitment to taking this business initiative forward.

Dishes offered by Bishoku Pasta Tsubaki no Mori will make use of produce from surrounding areas, including noodles from a local noodle maker in Rikuzentakada. These local noodles are known for their glutinous texture, and cook within 2 to 4 minutes, depending on thickness. Meals are priced at an affordable 600 yen, and also make use of basil from coastal Iwate's Otsuchi Town, camellia oil from nearby Kesennuma City (which was also badly damaged by the disaster) and seaweed produced right there in Rikuzentakada. This will also serve as a means of promoting local brands. Creating demand for the region's businesses will undoubtedly have a positive effect on employment generation, but more directly, the opening of Bishoku Pasta Tsubaki no Mori will itself employ some 10 staff, thereby directly addressing the region's employment issues. The chain is aiming to achieve a target of 65 million yen in annual sales from the two restaurants directly under its management in Rikuzentakada and Ichinoseki, and already has plans afoot to open a third restaurant next month in Morioka, the prefectural capital - yet another step towards achieving national expansion.

MCDRF decided to provide support for setting up Bishoku Pasta Tsubaki no Mori in Rikuzentakada because the initiative will create employment locally and because it emphasizes the promotion of local Tohoku brands. Three years and four months have passed since the Great East Japan Earthquake, but recovery efforts are still underway in areas that suffered severe damage. MCDRF will continue to collaborate with local financial institutions such as The Bank of Iwate to support efforts aimed at the revitalization of industry and employment creation, and overall economic recovery in areas affected by the disaster.

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July 17, 2014
Source: Mitsubishi Corporation

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