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Suzuki Outboard Motor Achieves Accumulated Global Production of 3 Million Units

Tokyo, July 24, 2014 (JCN) - Suzuki Motor Corporation has achieved accumulated global production of three million units for the outboard motors it produces. Suzuki reached this milestone in 49 years after it started producing outboard motors in 1965.

Suzuki started development of outboard motors in 1962 and launched its first outboard motor D55 (98cm3, 5.5PS) in April 1965. Since then, Suzuki has developed a wide variety of outboard motor lineup by meeting the market demands of various countries.

Suzuki outboard motors are produced at the Toyokawa Plant located in the Aichi Prefecture, Japan, as well as overseas. Overseas production started from July 1999 in Thailand at Thai Suzuki Motor Co., Ltd. with the production of 5PS outboard motor.

Currently, mid- and large-sized four-stroke outboard motors (from 40 to 300PS) are produced at the Toyokawa Plant, and small- and mid-sized four-stroke (from 2 to 30PS) and two-stroke (from 9.9 to 40PS) outboard motors are produced at Thai Suzuki's plant.

Since 1987, when it won the first-ever US National Marine Manufacturers Association (NMMA) Innovation Award with DT200 Exante, Suzuki outboard motors have won the award seven times in the past, such as with DF60/70 in 1997, DF250 in 2003, DF40A/50A in 2011, and DF300AP in 2012, bringing innovation to the outboard motor technologies.

With high quality and durability backed by these high technologies, along with the lightweight and compact user-friendliness, Suzuki outboard motors are run by customers in Japan in 144 countries and regions overseas.

By Jun Ota Staff Writer

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